How to monetize your BIG idea with Pinterest

How to monetize your BIG idea with Pinterest

When it comes to finding an alternative way to monetize your product or service, Pinterest is a worthwhile platform to explore if you're a visual person. Pinterest isn't just a helpful tool for business owners, it's also a great platform for brand ambassadors who have an interest in sharing the products they enjoy. This is because they have an engaged and active audience to market to.

How Pinterest can be used to make money

Register for a Pinterest business account. Creating a Pinterest business account is the first step if you own an existing business. As a business account holder, you'll have access to far-reaching advertising that reaches over one million active users. You'll be able to use social media links and a verified URL on your profile. You'll also have access to analytics and other key components that can help you analyze your traffic, engagement, and more.

*Existing users can convert their personal account to a business account easily, so you won't face any problems there. However, if you intend on keeping your personal account and would rather have a separate account for business, you may need to open a different account altogether.

Share pins of your products or services on your profile. If you have an e-commerce website or blog, you can create pins with strong visuals of the products you sell. From there, you can drive traffic to your website by linking the pins to the corresponding product page. These pins are referred to as Product Pins and allow Pinterest users to click on them to be redirected to your website. To increase reach and engagement, make sure you use relevant or trending hashtags and add a short, captivating description to your pin.

Promote your affiliate marketing links. What if you don't sell products directly? Don't worry! Promote the links of brands you enjoy using on your Pinterest profile by becoming an affiliate marketer. As an affiliate marketer, you will have access to your own affiliate link which will allow you to promote someone else's product in your pin. If a visitor clicks on your link and buys, you will receive a commission from the sale. You can become an affiliate marketer by researching your favorite brand and seeing if they offer an affiliate program. Check out ours here.

Create an ad for the pins you want to promote. If your business is new or you haven't built up a following, you might want to promote a pin with an ad. Simply log into your account and create an ad campaign. The process is as simple as selecting ads > create campaign on your profile and following the instructions. After you set up an ad campaign, you can design and advertise pins that represent the products and services you wish to sell.

Knowing your audience is essential. Getting to know your audience is key when promoting pins on Pinterest. Discover what they like, what they're interested in, and what they might pin. You can find out what your niche audience is likely to engage with by tailoring your profile's home feed to showcase pins relevant to them. Explore these pins, examine the aesthetics, and draw ideas for your boards. Keep in mind that most Pinterest users are millennial women and mothers in the United States. However, those trends are slowly changing. Men are starting to gravitate to the platform in search of fashion, home improvements, and other useful content. Pinterest's biggest advantage is that most of its users are there with the intent to buy. If you're not sure what pins to design, be sure to check out You'll definitely find ideas there.

Choose pins that are in line with your brand's aesthetic. Keep your content consistent by designing pins that match your brand's aesthetic. This can be done by adding your brand colors, logos, and photo filters. 

Pin Specs:

File type PNG or JPEG.
Max file size 20 MB.
Aspect ratio It is recommend using a 2:3 aspect ratio, or 1000 x 1500 pixels. Pins with an aspect ratio greater than 2:3 might get cut off in people's feeds.


Character Specs:

Title Enter up to 100 characters. Depending on the device, the first 40 characters may show in people’s feeds. When entered, titles will appear in the home feed or search feed. If a title is not entered and no Rich Pin title exists, nothing will show in its place in the home feed.

Enter up to 500 characters. Descriptions do not appear when viewing the Pin in the home feed or search feed. Additionally, descriptions do not appear for ads when viewed up close. 

Descriptions are used by their algorithm to determine relevance for delivery. Pinterest recommends entering a description to help get your Pin or ad in front of the right audience.


Engage with your followers. Pinterest is less about socializing and more about sharing ideas, but it is still a good place to engage with other users. You can do this by leaving comments and repining the pins of other users.

Feel free to leave a comment or visit our Pinterest profile below. For our registered brand ambassadors, we have a folder with pin designs you can use to promote your affiliate links. Thank you for visiting.

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