Creating a Memorable Gift-Giving Experience this Christmas

Creating a Memorable Gift-Giving Experience this Christmas

Gift giving is just the icing on the cake of showing your loved ones how much you care and appreciate them during Christmas. However, finding the perfect gift can sometimes be difficult. In this article my aim is to help you make the most of your gift-giving experience with a few helpful suggestions.

Wrapped Gift

During the holidays, here are 7 tips & ideas that will help you give the perfect gift

7) Brainstorm Ideas

You may want to start by brainstorming some ideas before buying a gift for a family member or friend. How do they spend their free time? What are their interests and hobbies? Do they like fashion, music, movies, books or sports? If you were to buy them a gift, what would it be? Maybe you're thinking of something funny, or perhaps you're thinking of something more sentimental. Either way, start generating some ideas and then narrow down your choices.

6) Make Sustainable and Ethical Choices

The amount of waste produced during the holiday season is estimated to increase by 25%. That's a lot of excessive plastic, scraps, and other waste that ends up in landfills. It is not only your friends and family who benefit when you choose sustainable options, but the planet as well.

Being mindful of the environment is a sure way to have an eco-friendly season. Explore some tips below to make it happen!

Pick eco-friendly materials

  • Choose gifts made of organic, ethically sourced, and biodegradable materials. Organic cotton farming leaves a lower environmental impact than conventional cotton farming and supports the livelihood of farmers. Biodegradable materials decompose faster and leave no trace on the planet after breaking down.

Browse our Collection of eco-friendly products below:


5) Support zero waste living

  • Zero waste involves repairing instead of replacing, repurposing instead of throwing things away, buying items with biodegradable packaging or no packaging, and leading a minimalist lifestyle, in order to reduce waste. Choose items that your giftee needs and is the most likely to use on a daily basis. And if you’re not sure, ask! If you get the person something they won’t enjoy using, your gift will lose its zero waste purpose and end up in a landfill anyway.
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4) Handmake your Gift

Consider hand-making a gift. If you're giving a gift to a close friend, a good gift will be one that you and a friend can both relate to, and one with a great deal of meaning. Think of a gift that symbolizes your relationship, and remember, thoughtfulness and effort can mean more than money.

You can find plenty of easy and original DIY ideas online. Creating handcrafted gifts can also become a pre-holiday activity together with your family or friends. Some ideas can include jewelry or soap making.

Handmade soap

3) Choose an Experience over Material Goods

Simply spending time with someone can show them that you care, and experiences can be even more fun than a physical item that they might not get much use out of. Some ideas may include:

  • concert/show tickets
  • courses
  • master-classes
  • adventures
  • massages
  • gift cards

2) Give a Donation

Consider donating to a charity on behalf of someone who has everything. Make the donation in their name, and they'll get some gifts and perks in recognition of the contribution. Make sure that the charity is something that they are interested in, however.

  • For example, if your friend cares about ending poverty, especially homelessness, you could donate to a homeless shelter on their behalf.

We're happy to partner with Ecodrive to help offset emissions from online orders while alleviating poverty in some of the poorest villages. Learn more here.

1) Show Some Love to a Small Business

Support the local businesses by choosing them over nationwide chains. Find out if they sell gift cards, offer delivery services, or have an online shop you can explore before the holidays. 

If you don’t know any local entrepreneurs, ask your friends and family for recommendations and pass the torch by recommending the places to others! You can also use apps like Yelp and other online resources to find local restaurants and stores.

You can also support your local vendors from the comfort of your own home by following, sharing, and commenting on their social media. 

Some of the small businesses we love are:

Lastly, let's not forget the reason for the season. The one who gave us the most precious gift of all, Father God who gave his only begotten Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose again to give us everlasting life.

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